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MAT IS and AMAT offered--Email me for more information.


Classes are available at your site in many Virginia locations for 4 or more staff.

The MAT course certifies providers or staff in child day programs and accredited private schools to administer prescription medication in a childcare setting using six routes: oral, topical, inhaled, eye, ear and emergency injection of epinephrine using an auto-injector device.

Depending on location a minimum of staff may be required for travel. Price listed is for local classes and may vary depending on location. Please complete the MAT IS Part 1 or AMAT at the link below and bring the completion certificate and your current CPR certification card to class.

$125.00 MAT IS

$95.00 AMAT



More information on MAT Training:

Providers have three options for completing the MAT course:

  • MAT Classroom-based – Providers must attend the entire training and successfully pass the written and skills competencies. Class size for the classroom-based MAT course is limited to eight participants.

  • MAT IS/Independent Study – The MAT Independent Study is comprised of two parts. Part 1 is a self-paced, online review of the MAT course content using MAT course handouts, video segments and independent exercises. Part 2 consists of hands-on practice time and testing. Providers must successfully pass the written and skills competencies. Class size for Part 2 of the MAT Independent Study course is limited to eight participants.

  • MAT 1st Renewal – a streamlined course that enables MAT-certified providers to renew their certification with minimum classroom time. Part 1 is taken online and includes all the MAT videos (for optional review) as well as the required MAT Renewal Quiz. Part 2 consists of performing the EpiPen, liquid measurement and randomized skill demonstration. Providers must successfully pass the skills competencies.


MAT Course Requirements

To attend the MAT course or to participate in the MAT Independent Study, a child care provider or employee of the program must be:

  • at least 18 years of age

  • able to read, write and comprehend in the English language

  • have current First Aid/CPR certification that includes a hands-on component

  • Certificate of completion if course has an online component



The MAT certification is valid for three years from the date it was issued. The child care provider or staff member must be recertified before the expiration date to continue to administer medication to children in a child day program.


Who Must Attend MAT?

The Code of Virginia (§54.1-3408) states that providers or staff members who work in licensed or regulated child day programs and who administer prescription medication must satisfactorily complete the MAT course. The regulations for licensed child day centers and family day homes contain a standard that goes beyond the requirements of the law and require medication administration training for anyone who administers prescription AND non-prescription medication. During 2013, the Code of Virginia was revised to include individuals who work in private schools accredited by the Virginia Council for Private Education to the list of individuals who must successfully complete the MAT course prior to administering prescription medication to children. Code of Virginia Section 54.1-3408 provides more information on this requirement.

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