"I loved the video.  It was not boring at all!  Very informative.  Thanks again!"-J. R.

"Thank you for today.  You made the information so practical and the forum was great, hearing others voice their issues.  Truly makes for being less lonely out here."- A. J.


"I enjoyed this in-service."- P. G.


"Thank you for the training today Janet.  It was very helpful."-  J. S.


"Thank you for the class today it was informative."-  C. P.


"Thank you for the Training it was GREAT!"- T. C.


"I think overall the course was truly valuable, wouldn’t change anything."- C. H.


"Class discussions were very insightful. Evaluating us during skills was reassuring and effective. Great teaching and keeping us interested. 10/10 would recommend."- L. L.


"Such a good & fun class. Janet is so good at teaching!"- H. E.


"We had a great instructor 💚"-C.H.

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