Criminal Background Check Directions:


How do I do this?

You must complete an SP-167 form. Please go to, and where you see "form" please choose the correct form (SP-167 for individual). After typing in the correct information, click "confirm."  Compete the criminal history and sex offender background check.


After you confirm all information is correct, click on submit. This will generate the form, which you will need to print. Have your signature notarized under "affidavit for release of information" and agency or individual receiving the results (mail reply to section) must also have signature notarized under "signature of person making request" (SP-167) and mail the form to us with payment. We recommend making a copy for yourself. You can also have the form notarized electronically if you choose. The background check is 20.00 and additional 15.00 is charged if you have it notarized electronically.


Have the results mailed to you and bring with you at the time of registration or to class. You will not be able to participate in clinicals without having this.

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